Connor was up bright and early and teeing off at 7 am last Saturday.
Doesn't he look like a future caddy?
tee it up buddy

Kylene was a good sport to chew on a wooden spoon and observe (well, at least for a little bit).


boneyfingers1183@gmail.com said...

As usual, the pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them . Conner looks like he is really "into" golf.

Mom said...

The pictures are darling. What a handsome boy Connor is! By the way, I like his green crocs.

Bec Davis said...

Do you all play golf?

Kristi said...

nope, just Byron. He's a good teacher though and I don't look so ridiculous swing a club anymore. :)

Lucky To Be The Mom said...

So grown up! You have a beautiful family :)