Summer Break: Day 16 {Fair Oaks Farm}

 {You will notice in this post about our trip to a dairy farm that there are no pictures of the many dairy cows we saw or pictures of the delectable cheeses and ice cream we ate.  It is simply because we were too excited about the cows to allow mom any free hands to snap a photo and we were much too busy eating and enjoying our delicious dairy to pause for a photo op.  Now, to our day!}
(Connor doing one back flip after another!)
 Yesterday we went to Fair Oaks Farm ,one of the ten biggest farms in the United States.  We first took a bus tour of the dairy farm.  We were all fascinated and it was amazing to see all the new calves being tended too.  After our tour, we went to the indoor play area where the kids went around and around on a carousel (manually operated by the parents, heart pumping work) practiced milking a cow, went down slides, and Connor tried out the magnetic climbing wall!

 We went outside to find an amazing play land waiting!  There was a train, a tractor race track, a bungee jump, a rock climb wall, a corn maze and a huge inflated trampoline.
(Caleb trying to get up on the trampoline.  A shoe has been lost in the process.)
 Kylene jumped and jumped and jumped some more giggling all the while.  Kylene also got to run over with another friend and mom to the birthing barn to see the birth of a calf!  Connor was sad to miss out but he was waiting for his turn on the bungee jump which was exciting in itself.
 Caleb made it!  Still missing a shoe.
 Caleb LOVED riding this little train.  There was never a line, so he just stayed on and kept on going around and around.  He cried and cried when it was time to get off and kept on running back over to it, so what did I do?  Put him back on and let him ride around and around and around some more. :)
We finished off our day sharing a melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese and a smooth and creamy ice cream before we made the trip back home.
Connor said it was our best summer trip yet.


Randy said...

Can three kids have anymore fun!!!!


Ashley said...

Fun! How far away is this? Maybe I should do it when I'm there in August. Looks awesome!

Theresa Kubik said...

Holy COW what a fun day!

Theresa Kubik said...

Holy COW what a fun day!