Summer Break: Day 3

 Today we met our good friends, the Bray's, at their neighborhood pool which also happens to be my parent's neighborhood, so the kids were familiar with their surroundings and dove right into fun!
 Kylene is interested in learning how to swim independently and was proud leave her water wings behind.  I just need two more arms to take care of Caleb so I can help her practice swimming with the other two.  I don't think that surgery has been pioneered yet though.  Bummer.
I've been pleased that Caleb really enjoys the water.  He and I spend a lot of time bobbing, which I find delighful.  {Once again, those extra arms would come in handy so I can take a picture of us in the water.  You'll just have to take me at my word!}

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Randy said...

WOW!! When you finally post, you post big! What great pictures of Connor, Kylene and Caleb. They are so cute. Looks like they have had a great 3 days of Summer Break. I hope the rest go as well.

Grandpa Myers