Summer Break: Day 5

 This morning we headed over to Nana's house and played for a bit before heading to Quaker Park to meet up with our friends, the Kemp's, for a picnic and playing at the park and splash pad.
 The weather today is so heavenly, high is 77, low humidity, sunny with a slight breeze.  The perfect day to spend all day outside.
 Caleb got brave at the end and decided to give the water a try.

We're back home now, Caleb is napping and Connor and Kylene haven't even been inside the house yet.  We were greeted by a swarm of neighborhood kids and they jumped out of the van and ran off to play some more.  Like I said, the perfect day to be spent all outside!

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Ashley said...

Looks like your kids have had a great summer so far! I love the picture of you with Connor and Kylene. you look so stunning!