Summer Break: Day 4

 This morning Connor, Kylene, and I went to see the most amazing show at the Palladium in Carmel called "Erth's Dinosaur Petting Zoo".
The act is put on by a group based out of Australia so it felt cool right from the beginning to listen to the MC's cool Australian accent.
She started off the show by asking if anyone had any good dinosaur jokes.  I was surprised when Connor's hand shot up and he was called up on the stage and given a mic; I was even more surprised when he, without hesitation, said, "Do you know what a T Rex's least favorite thing to do at the gym is?  Push ups!"  Everyone clapped and cheered and he felt like a million bucks.
 The show started off with two baby dinosaurs, then moved up to a prehistoric Dragon Fly, then to two smaller, walking dinosaurs all the way up to the mighty T Rex.
 The puppets were so lifelike in their look, movements, and sounds that I had to keep reassuring Connor and Kylene that the T Rex wasn't real, it was just the coolest puppet we had ever seen!

 I can't explain the show well enough to do it justice, but all I know is, it cost a pretty penny to go and I think it was worth every cent.  Certainly an experience I'll remember for a long time as something wonderful I got to do with my kids.
 Oh, and Caleb?  He got to have his own magical experience over at Nana's where new toys and new snacks are in abundance.

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